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Thursday, June 30, 2005

random email exchange with my sister

P: WOW! Would have guessed different! (discussing a friend's age) Guess we can't all have our perfect genes :) DO NOT tell her this !!!!

STill painting (she's renoing her new clinic) .... Feeling very guilty about leaving Melissa here over the weekend to finish up. Maybe we could all pitch in tomorrow or come back Saturday and paint... and decorate... sound like fun!!!!! Way better accomodations :) Feeling stressed as still so much to do!!!

What was the name of the place I met you at before the bar bands? I want to eat there tonight.

PS - not loving the colors - need to do something about it. Maybe big pieces of art?!?!?!

K: yeah, we should really thank mum more often for those genes .....

painting sounds fun, you know I love it (I should really seek therapy for this)

it was Subeez ---- that's a good idea. maybe I will ask Adam to take the mutts out so I don't have to rush home .....

big art, that's the idea ---- maybe someone could do a mural of a huge hand

P: I am going to get some big canvasses and go nuts a la abstract!

Off to get my eyebrows done..... of the pains i go through to be so "naturally" beautiful!

K: i need my brows done, too

P: and I need new clothes....

K: we need to find a pot of gold

P: if you fake your own death how much do I get????? What about the good old insurance plan????? There must be some money for us...
Have you had cake yet????????

K: if I fake my death you get $136,800.00 --- not worth it =)
cake is not until 3:30
how do the brows look?????

P: brows are fabulous. Need new summer shoes.
End world hunger or new shoes??? Am i shallow????
Eat some cake for me. Why 3:30?????

K: one pair of shoes will not end world hunger, it's all relative
wearing new shoes will enable you to go out confidently and crusade for the end to world hunger wearing new shoes will make you stand out and then people will listen to you discuss the importance of ending world hunger
I will sacrifice myself and eat cake in your honour

P: you make a good point!
Housewarming gift for Marcus??? Any ideas????

K: can pretty much justify anything when it comes to shoes ....
housewarming gift -- let me ponder

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