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Monday, June 13, 2005

A musical weekend

Friday night I went to the annual Battle of the Bar Bands at the Commodore with a group of friends, most of whom had not attended in past years. When I issue the invitation to go and see a bunch of lawyers pretending to be rock stars the general reaction is: "Sure? it's for charity, right? Could be interesting ..." Well, the level of talent within our legal community is actually quite surprising and it seems I have recruited a few more groupies for our firm's band, The Retainers. The highlight for me had to be the Retainers' version of the BNL's Brian Wilson: you know that the guy signing has been an A-class geek since the day he entered kindergarten and there he was, in his Tommy jeans worn just a little too high, his slightly off haircut and nerdy glasses, fully rocking out and having the time of his life. For that instant he was a ROCKSTAR.

None of the bands disappointed and we danced our little hearts out to surprisingly good renditions of U2 (though I firmly believe that no one should try and pretend that they are Bono, it just doesn't work), the Killers and even Nancy Sinatra (I must find out where she got those amazing hot pink go-go boots). The lingering question in my mind, however, is why, why, why is it always the "married with kids" guys that hit on me and why do they think that telling me about their wives and children and how misunderstood they are will endear them to me? Do I have "Homewrecker" stamped on my forehead? Trust me, that is not something I am likely to add to my resume in the foreseeable future.

I took the mutt for an epic hike Sunday morning (to assuage my guilt for lack of activity Saturday) and returned home to see that "WORK" was on my call display. Nothing brings me down on a Sunday afternoon like seeing "WORK" on my call display. I contemplated pretending that I didn't see it, but my conscience kicked in and I checked the message. Thank God I did because it was one of the boys offering up 2 tickets for the Sarah McLachlan concert that night!! It was AWESOME!!!!! I have seen Sarah many, many times and she never disappoints; last night's show was truly beautiful and it was 2 hours of pure Sarah.

If I had to pick one artist that has been the soundtrack for my adult life it would be her --- I couldn't listen to Fumbling Towards Ecstasy or The Freedom Sessions for quite a few years without sobbing, but have come out of that and it was a pleasure to hear those songs performed beautifully last night. And as sappy a movie as that trainwreck starring Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage was, experiencing "Angel" live, with just her vocals and her piano, was chilling. It was a magical evening.

Now I want to be a rockstar ......

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