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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I call bullshit

on all you men out there who insist that you buy and read Playboy Magazizne "for the articles". Granted, Playboy has had some pretty incredible writers submit articles ---John Steinbeck, PG Wodehouse and Somerset Maughan to name but a few, but really, can you not admit that first and foremost you buy it for the myriad of beautiful, naked and semi-naked women who adorn its pages? The interesting reading is really just a lucky by-product. (prompted by a conversation I had with a friend over the weekend when he for some reason felt the need to justify his magazine purchase to me)

That's kind of like me maintaining that I watch The Hour for its edgy news content. I might say that, and if you believe me, that's fine. But the real reason is the yummylicious host. Granted he is a good interviewer and there are a few good segments on the show. But if I'm being honest, if it weren't for the host I wouldn't be watching. Fact is I tape the thing thereby having the ability to fast-forward through all the ads, the boring stuff and the slightly annoying tricky camera work-driven "documentaries" which makes my version of the Hour more like 25 minutes. And if I learn something by watching? Again, a lucky by-product.

So I can also admit the reason I tuned in to the Diane Sawyer interview of Brad Pitt last night certainly wasn't to learn about his involvement in the ONE Campaign. As if. It was to watch Brad. That's the reason I will pay $11 to see Mr. & Mrs. Smith (which has the fortunate advantage of also starring Angelina Jolie who is what I would choose to look like if given the choice, sans tatties, Billy-Bob and blood vials, but I digress). And why I suffered through dogs like Meet Joe Black, 7 Years in Tibet, The Mexican, Troy and Legends of the Fall. He's gorgeous to look at, plain and simple, and man does he cry well. However, for all those dogs, and there are MANY, there is also Kalifornia, True Romance, 12 Monkeys, A River Runs Through It and yes, even Ocean's 11 (not 12).

That being said, I tuned in to Ms. Sawyer's interview last night fully expecting the usual "I am putting out a new movie, going through a very public divorce, I am not nor did I ever have an affair with Angelina Jolie" kind of thing. WRONG. Instead it was of the two of them strolling through villages in Africa, surrounded by children, advocating the importance of education as the root to the end of poverty in our lifetime. He came across as intelligent, caring, knowledgeable even. I know he is an actor and has the ability to play to the cameras and all that. But it seemed to me at least that he was actually trying to use his own "wanted by the press" status as an avenue to get the message out. He even alluded to the "bounty" put on his head by various publications for illicit photos of himself and Angelina, saying that he would have gladly given the photos to the press had the money been used instead to further the education of the children. This is not original, I know, but it got to me. Which is why I am glad that while I orginally sat down to simply watch Mr. Pitt and his pretty face in action, the lucky by-product of this interview was a critical message that I truly hopes gets driven home.

So this moring I went here and ordered 10. The yellow one on my wrist will be complimented well by the white.

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