Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connait pas

Friday, April 29, 2005

If she were human, we'd be heading for therapy

By popular demand (ok, so 1 person wants more dog stuff), here is a funny Maggie story.

Like most Golden Retrievers, Maggie loves carrying stuff on her walks; specifically, sticks. The bigger, the better (size does matter). She is also rather stubborn (don't know where she got that from) and the combination proves to be most amusing.

The other morning she picked up a stick/log/tree and the beginning of the walk and managed to carry/drag the darn thing along at quite a good clip. She rushes forward with it for a while, then stops to rest, sniff, pee, etc. This goes on until we get to the pipeline bridge across Capilano River. While she is very dextrous and can maneuver these huge trees through fence posts, underbrush, various peoples' knees, etc, I am wondering how on earth is she going to get a 6 foot long tree/log/stick across a 3 foot wide bridge??

I got to the bridge first, crossed and sat down on the other side to watch the show --- and what a show it was!

First she tried simply walking across with it. No go. Then she charged the bridge a few times, getting blocked each time. At this point I started laughing at her. She had her "I'm going to get this damn stick across this damn bridge if it kills me" look on her little face. I also think she knew I was laughing at her 'cause the look she shot me was quite something.
After a few minutes of this I tried calling her over, sans baton. She would have none of it. She was bound and determined, did I mention that she is stubborn?? Anyway, after a few minutes a little light bulb went off in her head: if I turn around to the side, I can drag the stick across!! Lo and behold, it worked!! It took a while, but she was successful and was pretty much bursting out of her skin when she got across.

I tell you, if she was human, we would soon be sitting in front of a shrink with Maggie telling her woes of how her mother ridiculed her in her efforts to succeed and that's the reason for her eating/drinking/drug/shopping disorder.

Thank God she's a dog and loves me regardless!!