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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Sunny disposition creeping back ....

Okay, so the moods improving, or maybe I'm just too bloody tired to care anymore. No matter, I am no longer having homicidal urges (though working in criminal law does have its perks --- I know how to make it so that I would get off ...) and that's a most excellent thing.

Making me smile today:

  • quite possibly the best looking man I have seen in a long while (and this includes the non-date) walking past past me when I arrived at work this morning, at 7:30, and yes, I was caught staring
  • that all this overtime is going to afford me some nifty new duds for fall
  • my friends keep sending me silly things via email to help cheer me up --- THANK YOU!!
  • it is still sunny and I have this fabulous window in my temporary office digs so I can bask in all the sunny goodness, not to mention watch the freaks at the courthouse fountain, which include shirtless guy (not a happy sight) and the guys who seem to spend endless hours and days cleaning the fountain, and the sea gulls and geese hang out in the water
  • another possible non-date is in the wings

And on that note, to satisfy Wade's astute curiosity as to how it was that my sister met him, you see, Paula met me for lunch last Monday and on our way back to the office we ran into him (kind of, anyway) so they met and her take was as follows: very attractive, excellent handshake (a MUST), good smile, pants were a tad too high (we can fix that) and he did the arm touch thing a couple of times (I did not notice that) and I didn't flinch, which for me is saying something (one might say that I have large personal boundaries and tend to recoil when someone goes to, say, hug me or something). An overall positive assessment, though being divorced with 2 teenage kids is just slightly intimidating and on my "list" of criterion of what NOT to look for when dating someone, or not dating someone as the case may be.

and it's my mum's birthday today -- Happy Birthday Mum!!!

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