Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connait pas

Friday, September 30, 2005

Just a trainwreck, waiting to happen

My life or lyrics to a Sarah McLachlan song? At the moment, both.

I have had a very turbulent week:

Monday: it was like "all aboard the stupid bus!" time and I had to deal with each and every passenger, patiently and nicely. And I felt like crying, constantly. The non-date was helpful in that he put up with my end of day venting, but not with much else.

Tuesday: more even-keeled

Wednesday: totally great for the most part

Thursday: emotional rollercoaster, too much late-night brain activity, resulting in 2 hours sleep (between 4 am and 6 am) --- thankfully CSI is on pretty much all night

Friday: just had a very weird conversation with the non-date, and any sense of confidence that I thought I had as to where this whole thing was going seems to have evaporated. Am thinking I might actually have to get good and drunk and just ask him where the fuck his head is.

Which brings me to the trainwreck portion of this program.


this is what happened to me opn my lunch hour:

I called a perfect stranger "fuckface" when I mistook him for someone else to whom the term"fuckface" would have been seen as a loving one; almost got my teeth kicked in by a drugged-out panhandler and came too very close to getting my nose pierced. Yes, I am still (amazingly) in one piece and then ...

okay, so things may be turning out better that anticipated, given our exchange earlier today. Back in control, feel like I am reading things right, just turned down an invitation to go out this evening as am already busy with the lovely Tamara, but confirmed an invite for next Thursday for Port & Chocolate. Feeling oh so much better about things now!

Bon weekend mes amis!

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