Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connait pas

Monday, September 26, 2005

Meet the children

So I spent Saturday with the man I am not dating and his son. And then his daughter joined us. I survived to tell the tale.

According to the son I am, like, dad's coolest friend. How did I achieve such an elevated status so quickly? Well, I knew the best place to get supplies for Halloween costumes, knew that spray starch was the required element for producing the perfect mohawk (again, part of the Halloween costume and I am not so sure dad was impressed with my imparting this info) and, above all, I have skied on some very impressive, apparently, skis (due solely to the fact that my cousin was a Salomon rep and would let me use whatever demos he had handy and so I got to try some pretty nifty stuff. However, that said, I was not all that impressed the extra-wide, dual tips mainly because they are not designed for speed, and I was racing.) However, they did impress son and I'll take that.

We actually had a lovely day --- Stanley Park, coffee, lunch on a sunny patio --- where I almost died, but caught the errant shrimp in my salad before it could do much damage to me. Then daughter came to meet us and my first glimpse of her and she of me was from across the street where I got the very distinct "who the fuck are you and what the fuck are you doing with my dad" once over. I have never experienced that before. Wow. Anyhow, face to face she was very pleasant and only made one jabbing comment in the car along the lines of well "where do you live?" as if trying to suss out if I was after her dad for his money (I'm not, duh).

Well, that obstacle has been tackled and I emerged relatively unscathed, save for the shrimp incident, but I'll live.

And again, a boy thinks I'm cool =).

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