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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Ungrateful Brat

My friend Jocelyn left today to go home to Calgary. She has been visiting since last Saturday as she had some legal/medical crap to do in Vancouver, and will be back again early June for more of the same. Aside from my father, Jocelyn is probably Maggie's favourite person on the planet ---- Joc stayed with us for a few months back when Maggie was a puppy and they forged an unbreakable bond. Also, Joc's arrival generally means that we are going to do lots of fun stuff that includes the Princess, like trips to Oregon, runs at the beach, long sleep-ins after mum goes to the office. You know, fun stuff that requires a car and I don't have one.

Last night we went for a walk down at Ambleside Beach (I generally avoid Ambleside, but Joc's mum was here as well and I figured it wouldn't be too bad on a Monday night). We got to the end of the dog beach and Joc wanted to take a postcard perfect shot of a crave standing in silhouette on a rock at high tide. So, I put the mutt on leash and Jean (Joc's mum) and I waited while Joc went to get the shot. Well, you would have thought I was jamming hot pokers into the dog's eyes she carried on so much!!! The whining and crying and pulling and more whining and crying --- all because Joc went further down the beach and she had to stay and wait with me. Her mother. The person who provides for her. Rescued her from the negligent family. Lets her sleep on the duvet, not to mention the hand-built down couch. Feeds her organic chicken and lamb. Hires and pays for the lovely walkers who take her out each and every day while I am toiling away at the office. Sat up with her for 3 nights when she had kennel cough and sounded like she swallowed a bull frog Gets up at 6 a.m. every moring for a 45 mionute run in the woods and again when I get home at night, after that long day toiling away at the office. Mon Dieu!!

Joc got the shot, came back and Maggie was appeased.


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Yvonne said...

Merci, cherie, de ta 'tite visite aujourd'hui. J'ai l'impression - de ton 'ti-conte sur le café - que t'es francophone, oui? Moi, aussi! T'es la premiere francophone à tomber par hasard sur ma "citronicité". A bientôt!

Nice to meetcha!