Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connait pas

Friday, May 06, 2005


Tomorrow is Kentucky Derby Day, which means it is also the day for my highschool's senior prom. I did not attend my senior prom and now I want to. Not my senior prom way back in 1980 something, but a senior prom NOW, with most of my insecurities behind me and with the ability to actually enjoy such an event and, let's face it, it's the perfect occassion to wear a fancy dress and maybe even a tiara .....

I attended an all-girls boarding school outside Boston, Ma. for grades 9 through 12. Throughout most of highschool I was what can possibly be described as a cool geek. I was friends with all the "cool" girls, though I did not always feel comfortable hanging out with them "en masse". I was also rather bookish and I tended to prefer being by myself or with just 1 or 2 friends rather than a big crowd. That being said, my crowd decided quite early in our senior year that Proms were "stupid" and that we were far too cool to actually attend.

This, however, did not keep us from trying on loads of fru-fru dresses (think Boston, mid-80's, Gunne Sax and the like) --- kind of like Muriel's Wedding, now that I think about it. Anyway, I had a falling out, can't remember over what, with my two closest friends who were anti-prom along with me, and in "retribution" they attended the prom, leaving me by myself back at the dorm. Yes, I cried and then ate a pint of Haagen-Daz and a good portion of a Sara Lee Pound Cake (sometimes you just have to give in to the stereotype).

Now I wish that I had gone to prom. I never got to wear the fru-fru dress, get a corsage from some guy I hardly knew (all girls school) and eat rubber chicken at the Copley Plaza Hotel and get a cheesy picture taken and go to the Cape for the after party breakfast and all that fun stuff.

So, I have been thinking --- there must be othe people like that out there that want to either (a) go to a prom, (b) do the prom thing over again because it was such a disaster the first time 'round or (c) peaked in highschool and are longing to relive the best night of their lives.

Solution? Am thinking of maybe arranging some sort of benefit prom for a yet-to-be-decided charity .....


jill said...

kathryn - this is awesome.. i definately feel a kinship towards your 80's references, and the feeling of empowerment now... you go girl!!!

i am going to be back to read again.



Brian Lavery said...

Kathryn, you are very entertaining. I wore a powder blue tuxedo with big lapels and my date was the most beautiful woman in school. (thanks to a random computer matching programme and friends in the comp-sci department). Yeah, so I definitely peaked in high school.
I just saw a huge crowd of grade 12's going for a graduation cruise tonight. They looked great and I was quite impressed. I'll go to your prom, but not if it's a fund raiser for Lee White.

Boston? Wow, you have had an interesting upbringing.


Grace said...

Oh...typical girls. Let's hope they're fat and in unhappy marriages now.

Anonymous said...

How about a anti-breed ban ball???
My workroom is full of grad dresses belonging to teenage girls that would be much better worn by OUR genration!!! :) Wendy

Kathryn said...

Grace - thanks and let's hope so!

Brian - you can come, but only if you wear your powder blue tuxedo =)

W (you are tricky) - steal some frocks for us!

Eve said...

Now I want to watch "Muriel's Wedding" again... so good it hurts...
When I look back at my old 1989 high school photo, I just want to ask my 17 year old self, "Why the skin tight jeans and teen angst?" So masochistic..