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Monday, May 09, 2005

Right of out a friggin movie

We were sitting on the patio at Nevermind Friday night, enjoying a few cocktails and the mild spring night when a long, white stretch limo drove past us on 4th Ave and turned on to Blenheim. Right, grad season, we thought. Then the driver got out, opened the trunk and pulled out a couple of long-boards. Then a bunch of attractive skater guys got out, then a really attractive skater girl. They had a very obvious look of having enjoyed some "wacky tobaccy" quite recently; it was quite a scene.

The story we concocted as to what was going on:

Obviously they were sponsored skaters who had just wrapped up producing their new video game, based on them, at Electronic Arts. Their movie had debuted at Sundance and they were touring to promote it. Disciples of Tony Hawk.

The real story as told to us by the super cute boy in the Adidas jacket (yes, far too young for this old broad, but anyway):

They had been down at the beach, got a call from their bud the limo driver who had just dropped a bunch of kids off at their grad downtown and did they want to cruise around for a while. He picked them out, wouldn't let them smoke in the car, brought them to Spanish Banks where they, like, smoked a huge chonger man, and then dropped them off for some food. The hot girl was just some babe they had picked up in the beach, she's from Bermuda and they are all, like, hot for her, but really want to hang with her for the summer, so are hanging back and playing it cool.

We told him our story. He was like, cool --- I'm going to use that one for sure tonight.

We went home.

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Anonymous said...

wow - that's pretty hilarious. you should have hit on the young guy though - i'm sure you're not that old!