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Monday, May 02, 2005

Puppy in the house!!

Maggie and I looked after a friend's 4 month old puppy this weekend, Kenai. Too. Much. Fun. It did, however, cure me of my desire to get a new puppy (financial considerations aside). At least temporarily.

This was Kenai's first time away from home and his first experience with "big boy walks", ie no leash, running around free in the woods, playing with all sorts of other dogs, etc. Negotiating the 157 stairs down in to the trails was really quite a feat, being all bottom heavy and everything, and the mud puddles were irresistible (resulting in his first hose-down). Our regular 40 minute walk turned into a two hour affair ---- Kenai isn't quite as speedy as Maggie and everyone and their dog had to stop and play with the puppy (I made sure they gave at least some attention to the Princess as her nose was getting a little out of joint). Judging by most of the reactions to this little bundle of cuteness, people just can't resist a golden retriever puppy.

He ran around like a lunatic, fell over himself repeatedly, took mini rests along the way, barked at Maggie when she wasn't paying sufficient attention to him or his need to play with her, tumbled down the side of the ravine (he's fine). I got most of it on video so that his 'parents" can see what he did on his weekend away.

At the end of the walks he was tuckered and the two goldens lay side by each, legs splayed out in front, Kenai the miniature image of Maggie, for hours.

The rest of the weekend went as follows: where Maggie went, Kenai went. What Maggie did, Kenai did. Kenai's favourite toy? Maggie's tail. Man, she's a patient dog!!!! He slept in his crate at the foot of my bed and, contrary to his mother;'s warning that he is an early riser, didn't make a sound until 8 both mornings. Which is a very good thing 'cause Maggie is seriously not a morning kind of girl.

End note: boy do boy puppies have to pee a lot!!!! I am so used to Maggie the camel who is able to go over 24 hours without peeing, that we had a few "accidents" on the kitchen floor when my reflexes were a little sub-par. Oh well, at least it was on the tile floor.

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