Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connait pas

Monday, January 08, 2007

yet another example of why it is such a very good thing that I do not have children

When I brought Maggie home to live with me I bought her a cream coloured fleece teddy bear. She has suckled that teddy bear on a pretty much constant basis since that day. It is now more a scrap of dirty fabric than a bear, but still we refer to it is her bear.

She has a toy box full of toys, including several she received this Christmas, that go virtually ignored by her. Visiting dogs are pleased with them, but she couldn't care less. It's all about her bear.

Maggie turned 8 yesterday and I bought her a new toy -- a really weird looking rat type thing dressed in blue and white striped footy-pajamas. It was on sale at Old Navy for like $2.00 so I couldn't resist. Apparently Maggie can.

I washed her bear last night with the doggy towels and put it in her toy box. I then put her new rat in front of here everywhere she went -- on the couch, by the front door, in my bed. NOTHING.

It's like I am forcing her to love this new rat and her not obliging me is an indication of some sort of huge failure on my part.

And this is with my dog.

Can you imagine the damage I would inflict on a child???

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