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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

oh the drama

Care for an update on the drama in my personal life? No? Tough. Here it is …

I believe I mentioned a few entries back that news of a certain parting of the ways (okay so it was the news that my non-date-date of last year had broken up with the slutbitchwhore woman he had been dating since CRUSHING MY POOR FRAGILE HEART). This event of course prompted a phone call to me, which I waited a full day to return and which then resulted in our setting up a “date” for a hike with Princess Maggie. Oh, and of course I did not mention that I knew the information, nor did he offer it up. This is how we “communicate”.

To be honest I was more than half expecting him to bail on the whole thing at the last minute. But he did not. Instead, falling back into the pattern he developed when we were dating, he called in advance of his arrival telling me that he was on his way and that “he was really looking forward to seeing me”. Yup, my heart went flippity flop when I heard the message 'cause well that’s the kind of girl I am and that’s one of those things that he used to do that made me fall so hard for him in the first place.

Anyway, we hiked and we talked and we laughed and he hunted up and threw sticks for the furry princess and we were more relaxed and at ease with each other than we have been in months and months and months. We went for lunch, we bought Maggie treats and then he brought me home. I honestly expected him to simply drop me off, but he turned the car off and took everything out and came in with us.

This is where things got a little weird --- I knew he had stuff to do yet he was just kind of hanging around, playing with Maggie and her bear, like he was waiting for something --- that did not happen. I am not making this easy for him.

Verdict? A most pleasant day with a lovely man and I just have to be careful with my heart.

The next week we chatted a few times, emailed back and forth, the flirtation of yesteryear definitely back BIG TIME and made plans for Thursday. That got scratched due to kid stuff, which I am totally fine with, so we planned for Friday. He came all the way downtown to get me from the office as I got to leave early (YIPPEE!!), drove back across the bloody bridge and then suggested several lovely options for lunch. I opted for grabbing a sandwich and hitting the beach (my own suggestions and what I wanted to do). Again, a lovely relaxed excursion. He brought me home, kissed my goodbye and said we’d chat when he gets back from France mid-month.

Enter the drama

I believe I have mentioned Chris, owner of Jake the lovely choclate lab, who I dated a few times, he got back with his ex, and that didn’t work and we have dated a few more time? The architect with the lovely house? The logical one for me to be with? Well, we went out for drinks Friday night and as we settled into our respective cocktails he asks: “are you seeing someone?”


Seems his friend Joel saw Peter and me having lunch last week and then saw us again on Friday and assumed …. who knows what but of course he felt the need to tell Chris. Who says men don’t gossip??

Now Chris is not aware of Peter’s existence in any way, shape or form, but we really haven’t got to that point yet. It’s not like we’ve pledged our troth or anything.

My answer? I was with Peter, a friend and former colleague (all true) and the next time Joel “sees me”, he might consider coming over and saying hello.

What a way to put a damper on an evening.

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