Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connait pas

Friday, August 04, 2006

of cupcakes and men

I must be fighting something --- every day this week I have felt as through I spent the night before pounding back multiple bottles of tequila (which I have not) and barely make it through the say without nodding off and once actually dozing while talking to someone!! Also, all I feel like eating are these beautifully decorated cupcakes (which I have not as yet indulged in) and Krinkle Kut Kettle Chips, sea salt and black pepper flavour.

And before you even go there, No I am NOT pregnant.

I am also at risk of getting sucked back in by the currently underemployed and emotionally (and perhaps otherwise, though that is debatable) unavailable lawyer with whom I was involved last year at around this time. Message to the elusive dad of Biscuit: rescue me from this potentially disastrous fate!!

Those beautifully decorated cupcakes are sounding like a really good idea right now …… chased by multiple bottles of tequila, of course!!

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