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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Plus-Sized Cars

That’s right --- Ford’s 2007 line will feature cars designed for the “plus sized” consumer. I mean COME ON ---- if you find yourself too fat to fit behind the wheel of your car, maybe you shouldn’t be behind the wheel of your car? Maybe you should be walking? Or riding a bike? Or? Oh I don’t know, something. I’m not trying to be mean or make fun of people you are larger than average, but seriously, is this not a bit extreme and ridiculous?? Now I have had weight issues all my life and am certainly not one to preach about how being fat is bad and everyone should be a skinny size 0 or anything, but how large does one have to be to actually NOT FIT in a car? And why, instead of doing something about maybe getting healthier and slimmer, increase the size of the cars to accommodate America’s growing waistline (and when I say America, I mean North America as Canadians are getting up there in the obesity area right along with our neighbours to the south).

And then there’s the obvious: how embarrassing is it to have to shop in the “husky” section of the automall??

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