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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Yogathon 2005

Paula (my sister) and me before the event. When my mum sees this photo, she will say: "why do you girls always wear those big sunglasses? you can't see your pretty faces" Mum, like they're cool, okay? get with it, sheesh
Short version: IT WAS AWESOME!!!! Now I am probably one of the least hippy-dippy person living in Vancouver (patchouli makes me want to barf), but the energy and love at this event was palpable. Here's an insight into my psyche: I am highly competitive and generally don't like doing things (especially in public) unless I am confident that I can do them at least as well, if not better than, everyone around me. This was an instance where I was nowhere near as good as 95% of the people around me and I just had to get over that. That accomplished, I grounded myself to the spirit of the event, raising money for Camp Moomba, and saluted the sun. I figure I got through about 80 of the 108. Paula got through all 108 --- she rocks! Highlight: at #54 they blasted Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer" to mark the half-way mark. That was kinda surreal. Will definitely be doing this event next year (my hamstrings should be recovered by then).
Sun Salutation #1 - only 107 more to go!!

Maggie & Trudy had the best downward dogs --- maybe they had an unfair advantage??
And a big shout out to Marcus for being a most excellent dog-sitter cum photographer!!

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