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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

How to irritate me

If there's something I hate, it's passive aggressiveness. Seriously, having to deal with passive aggressive people drives me around the bend, which I guess makes it an effective method from their point of view, but I think it's plain WEAK.

I liken it to playing tennis against a weaker player, yet one who has the ability return pretty much every shot with a seemingly gravity-defying and annoyingly unforceful lob, again and again and again until you are so frustrated that you loose your temper and slam that sucker right into the net, thereby loosing the point and, ultimately, the match, to the annoying lobber, who smirks knowingly at you from the other side of the net, almost daring you to throw your racquet at her head [which reminds me, my sister actually did that to me once, I will have to regale you all with that tale one day ...]. But you don't, because there are rules and we live in a relatively civilized society. Natasha, one day revenge WILL BE MINE. Consider yourself warned.

That said, you can well imagine how much I enjoyed the following exchange:

Me: So, I just received a rather snarky email from X

Passive Aggressive Ass ("PAA"): (smirking) yes?

Me: you sent them something?

PAA: yes, that's the procedure

Me: I explained to you in April why this was a special case

PAA: hmm, I don't recall that

(I am standing, PAA is sitting with a smirking, smug expression that I want to forcibly swat from its face)

Me: we went through this exact exercise in April, just 3 months ago

PAA: yeah, I still don't recall (adding annoying head tilt)

Me: Okay, can we mark the file so it doesn't happen again?

PAA: I hear what you're saying (head tilting smirk as emphasis)

["I hear what you're saying" --- if there is an expression that sets me off, that's it]
Me: oh, forget it, I'll just deal with it
PAA: Right

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