Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connait pas

Monday, December 18, 2006

kiss-me mascara rocks my world

"Hi Katie: Just to let you know that Connor is up in doggy heaven now very calm and happy… he had a very peaceful passing with the help of our vet Dr. Brault, It wasn’t easy to make the decision but couldn’t go away knowing he could go anytime… hasn’t eaten for 2 days and jus stands and stares out into space… the vet did a thorough exam and the lymphnodes had grown larger and more of them throughout his system… he was so strong he was fighting right until the end.. had him for walk this afternoon and also took him to a party at Blundellls last night which he loved… dad and I are a mess and the house is very empty…however, he is happy and at peace at last.. I have that incredible poem you gave me about doggy heaven and will get it out now. He was cremated and when his ashes come back we will bury his and Seamus’ side by side in the back yard… Dad will dig the hole tomorrow as the ground is still soft…. Will talk to you tomorrow, lots of love Mummy"

well my eyes certainly weren't dry after reading that but at least my mascara didn't run

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