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Monday, December 11, 2006

a leopard doesn't change his spots I guess

Last year the end began with this email:

"Not ignoring you, just completely consumed with work"

Which led to him coming over and breaking my heart.

We have since gotten back together, slowly and comfortably and we are both in a much better place than we were last year. or so I thought.

We had our company Christmas party this past weekend at a 5-Star luxury resort and I brought him as my date (neither of us work at the place we worked at together last year, so that obstacle at least is gone and we can be more "open" about our relationship). It was, simply put, magical.

Then this afternoon I get this email, at work:

"Thank you for a very enjoyable soiree and Saturday in the Village. It was a great event - fabulous job organising - and a pleasure to meet many of your colleagues.

I am excited for you at company as it seems to be a great organisation with lots of energy and integrity. Good landing place you chose!

Will be thinking of you as you prepare for your parents' arrival and hope you have a great visit with them. As for me, my daughter is now back in town so things are spooling up quickly to add to the zone of activity that always surrounds son and the Christmas season. And of course, the factory continues on.

But then there is always more skiing."

I feel sick to my stomach.


ok, so maybe I over-reacted or was reacting to what has gone in the past, kind of how like I always expect him to cancel plans we have made and then he doesn't. I really have to stop doing that if this relationship stands any chance of working

better now

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