Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connait pas

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Friends like this are priceless

an email exchange between two sane, responsible, successful women who are firmly grounded in reality:


Have just returned from my elopement with Sir Clive. It was lovely. There will be no pictures - it was all we could do to avoid the paparazzi. My ring is enormous but must be kept in a vault in our Swiss bank because if it was ever stolen the value of it would bankrupt the world's economy. The honeymoon was, well, I will not digress. Eventually, I will have you out to our country estate (perhaps you have heard of it - Wales?, lovely little place, mountains, lots of shoreline, the Help speaks with a funny accent).

I am home now for a while, maybe we can meet up for errands or a coffee sometime. I know yours and George's schedules are as frightful as mine.

Let me know.

Mrs. O"


Indeed, George & I heard wind of your recent elopement and would have sent our congratulations earlier but we were sequestered at his estate in Lake Como and, well, let's just say we were "busy".

I am, unfortunately, home as well and my schedule is remarkably clear, at least for today and tomorrow.


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