Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connait pas

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


2 summers ago my parents’ dog Connor developed a tumour in his jaw that was biopsied and diagnosed as a very aggressive form of cancer. My parents opted not to operate or subject him to chemo as he is a very sensitive dog and the vet felt that the trauma of the surgery and the treatment might do him in. My mother instead opted for a homeopathic approach and started him on a “treatment” of cottage cheese and flax oil. 6 months later the tumour was gone (adding to our suspicions that he was faking his cancer as a reaction to all the attention and "treats" that my father received during his cancer treatment recovery period. You see, once Connor was diagnosed my parents felt that it was their duty to indulge his every whim and so began the seemingly endless supply of cookies. Not a stupid dog, that Connor).

My mother called me yesterday, audibly distraught, and told me that he has lymphoma and has at least 9 large lumps in his neck that have developed in the last month. I am waiting to hear back from her as to what the vet has to say about him. Dogs have a crazy tolerance for pain and for him to not eat (except for a couple of cookies, but they aren’t food food) or even want to go out to pee indicates that the cancer is pretty far gone.

This is a picture of Connor in his favourite place (guarding the cookie jar) that I took this September when I was at my parents’ house for their 40th anniversary party. He is a beautiful boy and only 8 years old --- far too early to go.

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