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Thursday, June 15, 2006

the parents are coming! the parents are coming!

My parents arrive tonight for a brief (4 sleep) visit to see their lovely daughters and grandchildrendogs. Our itinerary thus far is as follows:

Tonight 9:00 p.m. meet them at their hotel and have a late dinner

Friday Paula (my sister) and mum will “play” while my dad does important lawyer-type stuff (“ILS”) and I am at work then at 5:15 meet Paula and mum at family friends for drinks, dinner etc., dad still doing “ILS"

Saturday - Meet parents at hotel for coffee and then go to Horseshoe Bay where more family friends will pick us up in their boat (grandchildrendogs included) to go over to Bowen Island for lunch. Then it’s up to Squamish to look at houses and have a BBQ

Sunday - meet cousins and their children for a hike and lunch in Deep Cove, dinner at yet another friend of the family for Fathers’ Day, then it’s back to the airport for the senior Caseys for the night (I offered accoms in my 700 sq. feet, but the Fairmont appealed more, go figure!!)

I am really looking forward to their visit and I am sure that it will be much better than the Christmas visit (not that that visit was so terrible, but I was a huge basket of stress, thanks to the recent breakup and the fact that I was totally HATING my job and everyone at it and so was not really able to keep any food down and was drinking far too much (not that anyone noticed, we are WASPs after all)). However, dollars to doughnuts one of the first things out of my mother’s mouth will be some sort of comment regarding my weight/appearance (I have mentioned that one of the results of the whole breakup/job hating thing was a loss of 40 lbs or so and about 4 dress sizes, right?) and the second thing (though she may wait until Saturday for this one) will be about my lack of steady man and/or children in my life.

The fact that I now have a great new job, make that career (and there IS a difference) and am significantly less stressed and happier won’t matter.

The fact that I am single and childless will.

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