Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connait pas

Friday, June 23, 2006

the bloody injustice of it all

Hi, my name is Kathryn and I am addicted to shoes.

There, got that off my chest and so now can continue with this tale in clear conscience.

There is currently a fantabulous pair of red patent leather stacked peek-a-boo pumps for sale at Aldo and I want them something fierce! I mean they are drop. dead. sexy. I tried them on last week and while they fit my ridiculously large (12) foot, sadly they were cut too low for my additionally ridiculously high arch. I almost cried ---- I had already envisioned them paired with my super-dark denim jeans worn fashionably under my crisp black linen shift while sipping a sassy cocktail on a sunny patio. Alas, this was not to be ......

To add insult to injury, my young assistant just this instant went to buy them for herself (as further proof that height is in no way related to foot size, she is 5'11 and has a size 8. I am 5'9 with a 12 and my sister 5' 4 3/4 with a 91/2, so there!!). I tried to play the boss card and forbid her from taking lunch and threatening her with all sorts of nasty tasks that would come her way if she did indeed buy MY shoes, but to no avail. She bought them and they are indeed fabulous.

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