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Thursday, June 08, 2006

ex-non-non-date strikes again

If you hop into the wayback machine you will recall the drama that was the non-date, then non-non-date, then ex-non-non-date and then, finally, friend. After the "getting knocked off his pedestal in one fell swoop" incident we managed to somehow salvage a friendship. And for that I feel quite fortunate. Kind of. You see …

He has been calling, email, texting, a lot of late and quite frankly if I were his current girlfriend, and I’m not sure that he has one right now but I know for certain that he did, the discovery of which resulted in the knocking off the pedestal incident, I would probably not be all that happy about it, given our “history”. I mean we were talking with some frequency over the past few months, like maybe every other week or so but in a very Monday to Friday 9 to 5 kind of way, we worked in the same office so that was quite unavoidable, and he was super supportive of me during my whole career change and the fallout from that. But this is different. What’s happening now is bearing a striking resemblance to what was happening during his changing of our relationship way back last summer.

His calls etc. are far more frequent. He is feeling the need to keep me apprised of his whereabouts, like so I don’t think he is “ignoring me” or anything. For instance, I texted him last week on the morning of a really important job interview meeting that he had scheduled for late that day. A very innocuous message along the lines of good luck, I’m sure you’ll be brilliant. He emailed me back that night and left me a voice message saying that it went really well, he was really excited about it and would fill me in on all the details in about a week and a half as he was off to X for the weekend and then Y on Monday p.m.

Well, he called Tuesday afternoon to say that his plans had changed and that he was actually leaving Tuesday night, filled me in on how the interview went, what’s going on with his kids, troubles with his ex-wife, what he’s been up to, etc., etc., etc., and then said that he would be back Sunday night and could we get together for dinner one night next week to catch up and chat.

Well, logically I should just tell him to get F**ked. However, that would kind of be like cutting off my nose to spite my face. Technically I’m doing nothing wrong. However, there is that niggling doubt in my mind: what’s he up to? What’s his motivation? It would be great if I could trust that we really can be “just friends”, but, like most women do, I have this innate sense about certain things and his behaviour is eerily similar to when he was wooing me last year and I have to admit (as much as I am ashamed to) that I would not exactly be adverse to the possibility.

I know, I know, I am potentially setting myself up to be hurt in a HUGE way again. I know this, yet ….

Or maybe there is nothing to this whatsoever, he just wants to have dinner and go over what’s been going on and maybe even bring his current girlfriend (if he has one) along, too. HA!

I do believe the quote at the top of this page says it best.

In any event, I’ll keep you posted …

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