Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connait pas

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

so I'm donning a wimple

So yeah, I KNEW it was too good to be true ---- he has a girlfriend. Or, rather, an ex-girlfriend that he has decided to try and work things out with. I KNEW IT!!!! It was going too well. You see that’s how my life generally works, and people wonder why I am so wary and guarded and all that. And it all started out to well ….

We met walking our dogs, he took Maggie and me for dinner. We had fun. Then he took us on a picnic --- Lighthouse Park, there was wine, yummy food, we looked at the stars. Again, a lovely evening --- tall, handsome, “single” , never married, no kids, viably employed (architect), dog, house, well dressed with a good sense of style, ALL GOOD (and the polar opposite (but for the handsome part) of Peter, the ex-non-date). We went for a dinner sans dogs on the weekend, the Grouse Nest, and had another wonderful time. “Maybe this will work” I thought to myself. “Maybe I am now ready to move on from that other jerk” maybe, maybe, maybe.

Well, apparently not. Seems his ex-girlfriend, with whom he was involved for 3 years and broke up with 6 months ago, is back and they he says he owes it to her, him, them to try and work it out.


That’s it. I’m DONE. Calling Sister Mary Catherine and joining the bloody convent.

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