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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

kids and nudity

*Editor's Note: The anecdotes below ARE NOT mine -- they are taken from two separate emails I received today from two separate friends. I DID NOT magically acquire a husband and/or children over the Canada Day long weekend (much to my mother's dismay, I am sure) --- Management apologizes for any confusion this may otherwise have caused ...

2 posts in a day is un peut trop I realize, but this kind of goes with the earlier one (in that it involves kids)

Example 1:

Wreck Beach - total mistake. The 1000 stairs and complete absence of children should of been our first clue. We get to the bottom and then the gravity of nakedness hits. My husband, being the white bread boy that he is, was disgusted and wanted to leave ASAP. Apparently, in his opinion, nudity should be saved for airbrushed porn. The girls, who hadn't noticed the bareness at this point, started to cry since they were a stones throw away from the water and were hot are ready to collect shells etc. So I suggested we stay (the nudity didn't bother me at all) until they start to notice. Well, within a minute and half daughter 1 (age 8) starts to giggle etc. I told her to keep her head down and mind her own business. Daughter 3 (age 4) was completely clueless (and still is). Husband could only handle it for about 15 minutes then demanded that we leave. It wasn't until our departure that Daughter 2 (age 6) noticed all the tanning schlongs and was quite offended by the whole scene. Another BC tale to tell!

Example 2:

I was suntanning naked on Sunday with my son (at a friend's private pool). No one else was there. Son said: "oh mom do you have to keep taking your dress off everytime you get a chance".

My answer: "of course".

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