Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connait pas

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

some stuff I know

  1. one must be very careful about donning the currently-in-fashion-but-that-doesn't-mean-everyone-should-wear-them WHITE PANTS (if you must partake of this trend, please, please, please think very carefully when choosing your undergarments)
  2. people lie to get what, where, who they want
  3. heartbreak is a very physical ailment
  4. addiction affects everyone
  5. The West Wing, now dearly departed, was quite possibly the best television show EVER (at least when Aaron Sorkin was involved (not to mention Rob Lowe)) ---- I so wanted to work in that version of the White House glibly spouting witty repartee and boasting a fabulous Max Mara wardrobe a la C.J. Craig
  6. the phrase "change is often as good as a rest" is so very true ---- I am LOVING my new job and was not aware until after I had left just how toxic an environment I was working in at the big national law firm (go figure --- working for lawyers SUCKS!!!!!!!)
  7. to quote my father (though I am almost certain that the phrase did not originate with him, the context that I am taking it from does) "people never cease to disappoint" (see 6, above for context)
  8. I am tired of the cutesy Australian wine marketing, though huge Kudos to whoever came up with the Yellow Tail/Little Penguin, etc ---- BRILLIANT way to market/package what is really over-sugared not so great wine and sell like a gazillion cases to people who don't know any better
  9. leggings = bad, wedges = good
  10. I am SO worth it

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