Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connait pas

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Happy Birthday to me

My dad tells me the same story pretty much every year on my birthday: he arrived at MGH (Montreal General Hospital) to find my mother being wheeled down the hall on a gurney en route to the delivery room -- doctor's hand in one hand, smoke hanging out of the other. This was Quebec 1968 after all (my mother maintained for YEARS that she quit smoking while pregnant with each of us. She was busted on that little version of the truth a few years ago).

Don't know why, but I really like that story.

So yeah, I turned 38 today. Big whoop. Funny how that just doesn't seem so old to me anymore. Maybe 'cause I don't feel 38, whatever 38 is supposed to feel like. Looking back at where my mum was when she was 38, I was 13 and in grade 8. I simply cannot fathom having a 13 year old child. Or a child of any age for that matter.

I have to say that this year is starting out better than last. I am in a great new job and am generally feeling pretty good about things. Last year, at least the the last half of last year, was pretty bloody miserable and not one I care to repeat. There are neither dates nor non-dates in my life at present, but that's just fine. Last year's non-date and I are finally back to a place where we can be friends and it seems to be working for us --- though his calls, emails, texts, etc are becoming quite frequent and I'm not sure as to why. However, one of my resolutions at the termination of the romantic side of that particular relationship was to tryto not analyze it all and just let whatever come, come (once I am more secure with it I will share what was quite possibly the most shocking moment of 2006 thus far for me and what also knocked non-date way, way, way off the pedestal that I had put him on and let me begin the healing that I so desperately needed, but that's not now).

As for how I'm celebrating, well I don't really know. My sister seemed very concerned that I had no plans (in fact actually forgot about it until she reminded me) so I think that we are going out somewhere to do something. If we get up to anything exciting, I'll be sure to write about it (or maybe not, depending on just HOW exciting ...).

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