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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Les Singes du Mer*

I don't know about you all, but the mythical seamonkeys have always intrigued me, so just imagine my glee when I found the Executive Sea Monkey kit kicking around the office! After careful reading of instructions, a quick email to the all-knowing MM who subsequently directed me here, I was set to go --- just add water ....

For the first few days, NOTHING. We watched, and watched and then watched some more. Otherwise highly intelligent people dropped by with increasing frequency to check on the little guys. NADA. The I took a day off from work and voila, they live!!

The first week of life was really weird. There seemed to be hundreds of them and they moved about the "tank" in what appeared to be computer-animated rigidity. We established our feeding schedule, Monday mornings, and watched them grow.

And grow they did.

And cannibalize they did.

There are now markedly fewer than when we started, but those that remain are growing rapidly. And now they look weird. And creepy. And kind of gross, to be honest. But still they grow. And still they attack visitors. In light of the increased traffic through my office I have updated the George Clooney photo (currently using the one from the cover of Vogue, Men's edition). This has been noted and appreciated.

I tried taking pictures of them but they are not very photogenic. Which is probably a good thing, 'cause they really are creepy looking.

Our next adventure, I think, will be introducing Feathers, one of the boys' Siamese Fighter Fish, to our little monkeys of the sea. We will also probably be taking bets as to how long it takes him to clean out the colony, so ....

*Sea Monkeys for you non-francophiles

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