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Sunday, February 04, 2007

everything and nothing

Another chapter in the ongoing saga that is my romantic life:

Last we checked he was doing some personal counselling work and getting some rather important issues, like um, getting divorced, dealt with. This involved lots of alone time which of course resulted in not much us time. That's been a blast as you can imagine.

But whatever, it's not forever and quite frankly I would rather him deal with this stuff now and then we can get on with the business of getting on.

So tonight we actually went out, together, for a couple of hours and it was really nice (though we talk and email on a pretty much daily basis, we have only actually seen each other once since New Years). It was good to see him and whatever counselling, personal work or navel-gazing he's doing seems to be working. This is all very positive.

We talked and talked and talked about pretty much everything under the sun except what I really wanted to talk about, needed to talk about. That is -- where do I fit in when this personal exploration is done? It's not like I am siting home by the phone waiting for him to call, because I'm not. However, I'm also not exactly out there exploring my options either.

What I really need to ask is: is this all worth the wait?

As they say, only time will tell.


The Caustic Bunny said...

Or the reverse question which is why are we planning since I know I'm leaving anyway.

Kathryn said...

and that's the reverse question of what exactly?

LisaBinDaCity said...

Miss K, take it from someone who has been there... let him resolve all if not most of his crap er issues, before you guys get together! Otherwise it will follow you into your relationship.

Hugs from Dr. LisaB.

thethinker said...

Maybe it's not really, is "it" worth the wait. Rather, is "he" worth the wait?

Eve said...

Lovely Miss K,

I'm sure that everyone you know is telling you that you deserve better than this... you just do.

The "wait" is what life is all about- don't waste it on a guy who's not ready to make the most of it with you.