Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connait pas

Monday, April 10, 2006

and we're back ....

After a 5 month hiatus all is well, lots has changed and this blog will (most probably) be back in action on a regular basis.

I offer for your amusement last night's adventure:

I went out last night to my neighbourhood store to get some milk for Monday's morning coffee and was accosted by a strange woman accusing me of having an affair with her husband and being the reason that he left her and wrecking her marriage.


What I managed to get of her was this:

Her husband walks their dog Skye in the morning at around the same time that I walk Maggie. Several other people, mostly men, walk their dogs in and around the same time and place as well. Most mornings I am the only woman out there, basically because I live in a predominantly family oriented neighbourhood and I guess it is the dads' job to walk the family mutt in the morning. (note to self: must remember to pick one of those useful household items up for dog-walking, trash removal, etc). Anyway, this is the basis for her MISTAKEN belief that I am having an affair with her husband --- she had seen us walking the dogs together, ergo the next logical step was sex, I guess.

Now it wasn't until she told me the name of their dog that I figured out who her husband was and, in a word, YUCK!!!! There are some rather attractive dad's in the neighbourhood if I was inclined that way (which I am not, (being a homewrecker, that is)), but this man? No way!!!!! Comb-over city, baby. And paunchy. And pale. I mean, come on, if I am going to be branded a husband-stealing hussy at least let it be with the chocolate lab's hunky dad, Bill.

I think I managed to convince this woman that she was mistaken, but I'm not sure, so Maggie and I will be very, very cautious when we venture out after dark in the future .....

p.s. new career starting May 1 and I am very excited about it

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